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27 Defining Traits Of A Successful College Slacker

Do you really need to read this list, or can you get away with just pretending you did? #BackRow4Life

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8. So it's a good thing you have no qualms about walking out whenever you want.

Because your phone battery was low, or you were done drinking your coffee, or you decided you needed a nap. Any excuse will do, really.


17. You're always the first in the room to finish any midterm or final exam.

There's that brief moment of looking around the room at everyone still writing and thinking you maybe missed a question... But it passes very quickly, replaced by the glowing promise of a nap.


24. When your friends complain about being stressed, you genuinely can't empathize.

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If fifteen pages can be written in one night, why spend two weeks worrying about it? Why?

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