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This Video Of Beyoncé Serenading Her Terminally Ill Fan With "Survivor" Will Move You To Tears

Taylon is a little girl with brain cancer and her greatest wish was to dance with Beyoncé. Here's a beautiful video of that wish coming true.

This is Taylon. Doctors recently found an inoperable tumor in her brain.

Taylon loves Beyoncé and, given the chance to make a dying wish*, Taylon knew immediately that she wanted a chance to dance with Queen Bey.

*Thanks to Make A Wish and Philanthropy Program Partnerships.

A few days ago, Taylon and her family got a chance to attend the Las Vegas stop of Beyoncé's Mrs. Carter world tour.

Taylon was already having a fantastic time at the concert...

And then Beyoncé literally swooped down from mid-air and landed in front of her.

Understandably, Taylon immediately burst into tears from excitement and joy.

A concert-goer seated behind Taylon captured the moment on her Instagram:

Beyoncé then got off stage and embraced her biggest fan, thereby creating perhaps the most tear-jerking hug in hug history.

They spent some time riffing back and forth to an a cappella rendition of "Love on Top."

And then Taylon fist-pumped along while Bey serenaded her with the powerfully appropriate anthem "Survivor."

When Beyoncé returned onto stage to continue the concert, Taylon cried, overwhelmed, in her mother's arms.

Grab some tissues, and watch the video in full here:

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