This Product Proves That Science And Magic Are The Same Thing

Seriously, science. Be cooler.

1. NeverWet is a waterproofing product that just became available in North American stores.

2. After spraying on a base coat and a top coat, IT CAN MAKE THINGS HYDROPHOBIC.

3. Watch this water straight up bounce off this concrete slab. IS THIS REAL LIFE?

4. You can dip your toilet brush in water without it dripping at all? HOW?

5. And can we talk about this ketchup just casually sliding off this piece of paper? Makes no effing sense.


7. OK, but really.

8. Red wine vinegar won’t stick either. RED WINE. NOT STAINING. Since when?!

9. Mind. Boggled.

10. No more soggy cardboard ever? YES. OK.

11. Red wine is being poured on an adorable teddy bear and IT IS STAYING ADORABLE.

12. This man is OK with having chocolate syrup poured on him because IT SLIDES RIGHT OFF.

13. He doesn’t mind mustard either. And why would he?!

14. Wanna pour Pepsi on him? Too bad, he’s doing it himself. THAT IS HOW CONFIDENT HE IS.

15. WHITE PANTS ARE NO LONGER TERRIFYING. The world has changed.

16. And, most importantly, an iPhone is being placed in a bucket of water.

17. Seriously, can’t handle this anymore.

18. Careful, though. Definitely not edible.

19. And you might be making some aesthetic compromises.

20. But watch the full video here to have your mind blown first-hand.

21. And then spend some time questioning everything you know to be true about the world.

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