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    This Powerful Video Is Required Viewing For Anyone Who Lives In A Democracy

    Without saying a word, this mute man will make you want to vote.

    “Mute” is a 3-minute video by Ram Subramanian of Handloom Picture Company in India.

    It depicts a seemingly mute man complaining passionately about some of India’s most talked-about issues.

    Specifically, he complains about potholes on roads, the Indian Supreme Court’s ruling against homosexuality, and the price of vegetables. He also touches on terrorism and gender-related violence.

    By the end of the video, he is visibly riled up.

    The video ends in a surprising and powerful way, and then, for a brief moment, the screen flashes this message:

    Watch the full video here:

    View this video on YouTube

    Glossary of terms:

    -Section 377 in the IPC (Indian Penal Code): This is a constitution law forbidding sodomy, which the Supreme Court upheld last month, causing a huge step back for India’s LGBT movement.

    -Sabzi: Vegetable.

    -Netas: Politicians/rulers.

    Voter turn-out at India’s 2009 general election was 58%. India’s next general election is later this year.

    An ink dot on the index finger is a marker of having voted in India. It was instated to prevent double-voting, and has become a symbol for the electoral process.

    Find more of Ram Subramanian’s work here.

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