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    This Is What Your Favorite Hollywood Movies Would Look Like If They Were Made In Bhojpuri

    In Bhaujiwood, "Kill Bill" is called "Maar Billwa Ke."

    New Delhi graphic designer Akshar Pathak, known for his Minimal Bollywood Posters project, is at it again. This time, he's Bhojupuri-fying Hollywood classics, and the results are incredible:

    Inception is now Sapanwa

    Kill Bill is now Maar Billwa Ke

    When Harry Met Sally is now Hamaar Lugai Sally

    Man Of Steel is now Badan Loha Ba

    Scream is now Chil Chil Chilla Ke

    And Silence Of The Lambs is now Bakariya Bolat Naahi

    Here's hoping some of these actually get made. Until then, thank you Akshar, for the all the hilarity.

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