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17 Signs You May Actually Be Addicted To Hajmola

You've probably wreaked havoc on my digestive system. Somehow, I love you anyway.

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1. So here's what probably happened. You were young, someone offered you one, you were caught off guard at first...

2. And at some point since, you became a full-blown addict.

3. Now it's a permanent fixture on your nightstand.

4. It occasionally accompanies you to work.

5. Reading without Hajmola is inconceivable.

6. And studying without it is literally baffling.

7. You keep multiple flavours on hand because you never know whether you'll be in an aam mood or an imli mood.

8. And then spend way too much time contemplating which to attack first.

9. Hajmola + bed = actually your ideal Saturday night.

10. Hajmola candy = the ultimate dessert.

11. You've converted some of your friends to addicts too.

12. You've come across this sogginess at least once. (And probably popped one anyway.)

13. You know to keep some of these around for on-the-go emergencies.

14. Your significant others have to deal with Hajmola breath.

And anyone who loves it as much as you is The One.

And anyone who loves it as much as you is The One.

15. Your stomach is 100% immune to it. It's literally a snack to you.

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16. A sacred, beautiful, life-changing, disgusting snack.

17. Hajmola is love. Hajmola is life.