This Heartbreaking Video Shows The Aftermath Of Suicide On A Farmer’s Family

In India, a farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes.

1. Due to skyrocketing interest rates on loans and unpredictable weather patterns, Indian farmers have been under immense stress for the last few decades.

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2. Another often cited cause for farmers’ duress is the inability to compete with foreign genetically modified crops/seeds.

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3. Reportedly, several thousand farmers commit suicide every year, at a rate of 45 per day.

For the last decade, over 15,000 farmers have taken their lives every year. Around 17% of them are women. More statistics here.

4. In a push to raise awareness and support for the farming community, the Times of India just released a harrowing video depicting a farmers’ family struggling to make ends meet after his suicide.

5. In the video, a single mother is driven mad by the burden of feeding children and family elders without a source of income.

6. And ultimately asks her children for forgiveness before resorting to a drastic measure to “save” her family.

7. The video closes with this chilling shot…

8. And a plea for help.

9. Watch “The Farmer’s Family” in full here:

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10. H/t Scoop Whoop.

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