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This Adorable "Pride And Prejudice"-Themed Engagement Is Every Book Lover's Dream

For everyone who has wistfully wondered if Mr. Darcy exists in the real world. Spoiler: He does. And sorry, he's taken.

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While another sister took photographs, a third sister began putting Bethany into a Regency dress.

Lisa Hepfer

On Reddit, Bethany elaborated that her mother sewed five Regency dresses in the span of two weeks.

"One by one more and more family members joined the scenes. David took the script directly from the text of the book. My family did rehearsals in secret."


"David first declared his feelings for me on Christmas Eve, 2010," Bethany said in an email, "when he showed up unannounced on my family's doorstep with a book box he had carved with an exacto-knife (it was filled with chocolate and pipe tobacco)..."


"Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books. I loved that it involved family; my sisters, parents, his sister, brother-in-law, nieces... It was so special to interact with them and exchange knowing smiles during the production."

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