This Ad Campaign Will Make You Rethink The Way You See Underprivileged Single Mothers

    "What if we cared about those living in poverty as much as we care about celebrities?"

    Woodgreen Community Service is a Toronto-based organization that helps the underprivileged and elderly.

    One of their programs, "Homeward Bound," focuses on helping homeless, struggling single mothers become self-sufficient.

    The "Homeward Bound" program is receiving an unprecedented amount of international attention lately, since they launched a powerful ad campaign.

    The campaign, functioning under the hashtag #ChangeTheConversation, asks that we pay as much attention to struggling mothers as we do to celebrities.

    The copy says: "What if we cared about those living in poverty as much as we care about celebrities?"

    The campaign is a collection of fake magazine mock-ups that represent the lives of single mothers in the style that tabloids use to represent celebrities' lives.

    The multi-platform ad campaign includes giant posters of these fake tabloids posted around Toronto.

    The campaign also includes a TV spot that mimics a celebrity gossip show, while telling the stories of struggling single mothers:

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    The ad features real women that have been helped by Woodgreen.

    Denise Rossetto, the creative director of the campaign, said in an interview:

    "Unfortunately, we know more about Kim Kardashian than we do about women who live a kilometer away from us. We think it's fun – we read about celebrities, we enjoy it, we're not saying that that's bad. We're just saying that we should also be aware of what's going on in the community, aside from having fun... Every story was real and true, we didn't want to make up something."

    Find more information about Woodgreen's Homeward Bound program on their website here.