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    27 Things You Hated As A Child But Love Now

    Seriously, what wouldn't you give for a nap right now?

    1. Salads.

    2. Naps.

    3. Your siblings.

    The same idiots that you argued with day in and day out actually turned out to be decent human beings. Weird.

    4. The news.

    5. Finishing your vegetables.

    6. Haircuts.

    7. Documentaries.

    8. The taste of alcohol.

    9. Long car rides.

    10. The opposite sex.

    11. Being seen with your parents.

    12. Spice.

    13. Being banished to your room.

    14. Family vacations.

    15. Sugarless cereal.

    16. Receiving practical and useful gifts.

    17. Personal hygiene.

    18. Bedtime.

    19. Dark chocolate.

    20. Classical and jazz music.

    21. Talking about your day.

    22. Going to school.

    23. Shopping with your parents.

    24. Layering.

    25. Being left alone.

    26. Sitting still.

    27. Being mistaken for younger than you are.