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    These Mind Blowing Infographics Will Change The Way You See Your Favorite Companies

    Almost every product you use is owned by the same ten corporations.

    This simple flowchart shows that nearly every product we consume on a daily basis is owned by the same 10 corporations.


    From this Reddit post, "The Illusion of Choice."

    And this infographic by Frugal Dad shows that 90% of our media is controlled by the same 6 conglomerates.

    See the full Frugal Dad infographic here, via Business Insider.

    10 large American financial institutions hold 54 percent of America's total financial assets.

    According to this Mother Jones special report.

    This nifty chart shows the emotions that brands seek to elicit through their logos.

    And, most importantly, this is a breakdown of the brands mentioned by Jay Z in his albums over the years.


    According to Vanity Fair.