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A Teenager Dragged Her Alleged Harasser To The Police And Beat Him While They Watched

"I wanted him to learn a lesson so that what happened to me today won't happen to any other girl tomorrow."

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This video of a school girl punching, kicking, slapping, and using a shoe to beat a man who allegedly harassed her is going viral in India.

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The video has been posted by multiple news outlets and Facebook pages, and has been shared tens of thousands of times.

The video shows her demanding an apology while beating her alleged harasser. The person filming the video can be heard asking the boy to turn his face toward the camera.

In the background of the video, multiple men can be heard shouting instructions to the two subjects of the video, and asking the alleged harasser, "Gaali kyun deta hai?" or, "Why do you abuse?"


"He would always shout insults at us but we would always remain calm. When his abuse got too vulgar and we couldn't tolerate it any more, we decided to take action," she said in Hindi.

"I stopped my cycle in front of his bike, took his bike keys, grabbed him by the collar, and gave him to the police. The police sealed his bike and locked him up," she said.

"Then I told my father, 'I want to go beat him,'" she continued. "So my father came with me and I hit him. I hit him a lot. The man in charge of the police station – Siddharth Goswami – made a video."

When asked about the video by a BuzzFeed reporter, Puranpur police Circle Officer Rajeshwar Singh denied that any police staff had filmed it. He said it was taken on a cell phone by a reporter who happened to be at the police station at the time.

Singh said that the girl and her alleged harasser are both juveniles and neither party pressed charges or filed an official complaint.

He told BuzzFeed that settling complaints in this manner without filing official reports is common in rural areas.