31 Ways To Make Your Flight Attendant Hate You

How hard is it to just be a decent human being? H/t: this Reddit thread.

1. Pressing the call button more than once when your flight attendant doesn’t show up immediately.

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Trust that if they haven’t shown up, they’re busy and will be with you as soon as they can.

2. Getting so drunk that you get smelly, messy, or belligerent.

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3. Giving your carry-on to your flight attendant and saying, “Find a place for this.”

The flight attendant job description doesn’t include heavy lifting. Do it yourself.

4. Touching them, poking them, or tugging at their uniform to get their attention.

Especially since their butt is usually at your level. Nobody wants their butt poked.

5. And, even worse: Snapping or whistling.

6. Expecting them to bend safety rules because you’re in a hurry to get off the plane.

7. Sitting with your limbs sticking out into the aisle.

The best way to piss someone off is to trip them.

8. Pressing the call button when they’re in the middle of serving meals/drinks.

They literally have to take the trolley back to the galley, get you what you want, and then go get the trolley back. You know who else hates you in this situation? EVERYONE.

9. Leaving garbage in your seat pocket instead of handing it to them when they’re collecting it.

They just end up having to clean that much longer when everyone’s off the plane.

10. Being rude to them about your flight being delayed.

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They literally have zero control over the situation.

11. Bringing a giant carry-on that takes up everyone else’s room.

12. Complaining about the food. Your flight attendants didn’t cook it, and they’re eating it too.

Paramount Pictures / Via isthiswhyimstillsingle.wordpress.com

13. Doing any bodily maintenance on board: clipping your nails, putting on/taking off nail polish, or scratching where you shouldn’t be.

Why do people sometimes think planes are exempt from the code of conduct for normal public places?

14. Leaving a mess in the bathroom.

15. Throwing your coat/jacket at your flight attendant. Literally just say please and thank you, or handle it yourself.

16. Trying to use the bathroom in a different section.

(I.e., sitting in economy and trying to go pee in first class.)

17. Watching/playing/listening to something without your headphones on.

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18. Trying to talk to your flight attendant without taking your headphones off: both disrespectful and inconvenient.

19. Hitting on them.

They’re only being nice to you because it’s their job.

20. Babies are babies, but if you have an older kid and you’re letting them run wild, you aren’t making anyone’s job easier.

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21. Also: Letting your kid hit the call button for fun.

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22. Assuming that their job is just to be “sky waiters.”

Your flight attendants are rigorously trained to keep you safe, and just happen to also serve you drinks.

23. Leaving gross stuff in the seat’s back pocket.

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If you need to get rid of chewed gum, used Q-tips, or soiled diapers, take them to the restroom trash can.

24. Chilling in the galleys for longer than a couple of minutes. You don’t realize it, but you’re definitely in the way.

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25. P.D.A.

Sure, you have to be on this plane for several hours and maybe you can’t resist your boo, but surely it can wait. Nobody around you needs the show.

26. Body odor.

If you’ve been traveling for longer than 12 hours, go ahead and re-deodorize for everyone else’s sake.

27. Pressing the call button during turbulence.

Don’t make someone risk a broken ankle because you want orange juice.

28. Using the restroom during boarding or exiting, which slows down the entire process.

If you can wait 10 minutes, you should.

29. Taking your shoes off and putting your bare feet up.

Even if your feet are perfectly fragrant and beautiful, literally nobody wants to see them.

30. Whining about the seat in front of you being reclined.

31. Not saying “please” and “thank you.” Kindness is an easy way to make a difficult job more pleasant. Do it.

Read the Reddit thread in full here.

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