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31 Ways To Make Your Flight Attendant Hate You

How hard is it to just be a decent human being? H/t: this Reddit thread.

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1. Pressing the call button more than once when your flight attendant doesn't show up immediately.

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Trust that if they haven't shown up, they're busy and will be with you as soon as they can.


8. Pressing the call button when they're in the middle of serving meals/drinks.

They literally have to take the trolley back to the galley, get you what you want, and then go get the trolley back. You know who else hates you in this situation? EVERYONE.


13. Doing any bodily maintenance on board: clipping your nails, putting on/taking off nail polish, or scratching where you shouldn't be.

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Why do people sometimes think planes are exempt from the code of conduct for normal public places?



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