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    If You've Developed A Crush On Sumeet Vyas, Here Are 8 Things You Need To Watch ASAP

    Since we can't all be his permanent roommate, just make do by watching everything he's ever been in. You're just supporting the arts. It's not creepy at all.

    Pals, this is actor Sumeet Vyas. But if you clicked on this post, you obviously already know that.

    The Viral Fever
    The Viral Fever

    First, as a reward for giving me a page view, I will give you some attractive photos of him. Here's one.

    The Viral Fever

    Here's another.

    The Viral Fever

    *fans self* *fans all readers because I am considerate*

    Now we're even. Quietly read the rest of this post.

    You already know Sumeet shot to internet fame and widespread adoration via his role as Mikesh in The Viral Fever's Permanent Roommates.

    This goofed up proposal in the first episode is proooobably when your crush first reared its head.

    But thankfully for everyone obsessed with him, he's had an illustrious acting career before, during, and since the web-series. So if you're obsessed with him and don't know what to do with yourself between seasons of PR, here ya go:

    1. Watch English Vinglish, in which Sumeet plays a Pakistani cab driver trying to learn English in New York.

    Eros International

    2. Watch Stories By Rabindranath Tagore, a series of incredible dramatizations of Tagore's tales.


    Bonus: He is occasionally bearded and bespectacled. #MoreLikeSumeetPyaas

    3. Watch Neighbours, in which Sumeet plays one half of a married couple whose relationship is tested by their very sexually active, very dramatic, very audible neighbours.

    Humara Movie

    Bonus: Vyas's fictional wife in the short is played by his IRL wife Shivani Tanksale!

    4. Watch Guddu Ki Gun in which Sumeet plays the friend of a dude with a golden dick. (Watch this one anyway for its incredible premise.)

    Emenox Media

    5. Watch Bang Baaja Baaraat, which Sumeet wrote! And in which he makes a brief appearance as "Twisty Ji," a hilarious choreographer.


    6. Watch Ajay Devgn's Parched, the story of four women navigating their ambitions and desires in rural Rajasthan where their gender restricts every freedom.

    7. If you're in Mumbai, watch "aRanya's Park", an 80-minute Hindi play running at Prithvi Theatre, about three dudes fighting for a spot on a park bench.

    8. And watch Sumeet's latest work, TVF's Tripling in which his character goes on a transformative road trip with his two siblings.

    The Viral Fever

    If you don't wanna watch anything but your crush persists, kam se kam follow him on Instagram here: @SumeetVyas.

    Thank you for your time.

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