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Let's Just Take A Minute To Discuss Indian Olympian Rupinder Pal Singh

Please consider this a petition to elect Rupinder our new official national heartthrob.

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Rupinder is very, very good at what he does (hence finding himself at the Olympics) and we should applaud him.

Carl De Souza / AFP / Getty Images

We should applaud him for the two goals he scored against Ireland in our opening match, which helped us beat them 3-2.

We should applaud him for the goal he scored against Germany (they beat us eventually, but only 2-1).

We should applaud him, in general, for playing really, really hard for us in Rio.


We're long overdue a national heartthrob.

Instagram: @rupinderbob3

Look at this dehydrating workout 'gram and tell me you don't suddenly intend to watch every hockey match India ever plays.

Instagram: @rupinderbob3

Here he is with a SMOL PUPPER, already demonstrating perfect heartthrob behaviour.

Instagram: @rupinderbob3

He plays for us on the field, we sweat inexplicably watching from home. 🏆 🏆 🏆

Instagram: @rupinderbob3

*creates an elaborate fantasy in which Rupinder runs to the crowds to find me, his girlfriend of several years, to high-five and share meaningful eye contact after each goal*

Please help me grant this man the manic and widespread adoration that he is due.

Rupinder Singh Pal / Via Facebook: RupinderPalSinghOfficial

In case you need a hashtag to mobilise the thirst, I've drafted the following options:

• #TeamRupinder

• #Swoonpinder


• #RupinderSuhanaLagtaHai

• #RupinderTeraMastanaPyaarMeraDeewana

• #BoyfriendGoalsButAlsoLiteralHockeyGoals

Follow Indian Olympic hockey player Rupinder Pal Singh on Instagram here, and Twitter here.