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21 Reasons Every Food Lover Needs To Go To Hong Kong Immediately

By the end of this post, you'll be both drooling and booking a plane ticket.

1. Cha Siu Baau

These steamed buns filled with sweet and savory cha siu pork is like barbecued heaven. This is a dim sum staple.

2. Yu Dan

Usually made of cod or haddock and served on skewers at night markets, these are best described in English as fish balls. Dip it in Hong Kong’s trademark spicy curry sauce for ultimate deliciousness.

3. Siu Yuk

Crispy, roasted delicious squares of pork, made with alternating layers of fat and moist meat.

4. Cheong Fun

5. Snake Soup

This Hong Kong delicacy is not only scrumptious and perfect for cool weather, it's also known for its several health benefits.

6. Fish Congee

7. Tong Jyun

These dessert dumplings are usually filled with piping hot sesame paste — perfect for when you're simultaneously craving something sweet and warm.

8. Yuk Song Bao

Pork floss buns, which are infinitely more delicious than the name sounds, make delicious breakfast foods.

9. Ngau Lam Tong

10. Put Chai Ko

11. Roasted GooseSiu Gno

Roasted goose is banquet favorite and usually served with a tart plum dipping sauce.

12. Poon Choi

Poon choi is a many-tiered dish that is usually eaten in layers. It’s essentially a giant bowl filled with goodies ranging from seafood and meats to veggies.

13. Hong Kong French Toast

Think of the best French toast you've ever had. Now multiply that by a billion. Hong Kong French toast is basically a peanut-butter sandwich fried and drizzled with golden maltose syrup and butter. If you aren't drooling just from reading that, you have no soul.

14. Zha Liang

Similar to the cheong fun, zha liang also uses long rice noodles. Rather than meats, it’s wrapped around a friend Chinese donut called youtiao.

15. Jin Deui

These sesame balls are usually filled with a sweet red or black bean paste and can be found in bakeries or at dim sum.

16. Boh Loh Baau

These pastries are usually eaten as a snack or a breakfast food, and are often referred to as "pineapple buns" because of their gridded patterns.

17. Laap Cheung

These sausages are smoked, sweetened, and seasoned before they are sliced up and devoured. They’re often served up in fried rice or on their own. Sausages the world over could learn a thing or two from.

18. Gai Daan Jai

The ultimate street food, the smell of these delicious egg waffle nuggets cooking on the griddle lures in pedestrians by the crowd.

19. Feng Zhao

20. Egg Tarts

21. And every possible meat, on a stick.

Hong Kong is known both for its fast-paced lifestyle, and its incredible variety of street food. Nothing better represents those two things than these ubiquitous and scrumptious meat sticks: Grab one and go.