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21 Reasons Every Food Lover Needs To Go To Hong Kong Immediately

By the end of this post, you'll be both drooling and booking a plane ticket.

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13. Hong Kong French Toast

Think of the best French toast you've ever had. Now multiply that by a billion. Hong Kong French toast is basically a peanut-butter sandwich fried and drizzled with golden maltose syrup and butter. If you aren't drooling just from reading that, you have no soul.


19. Feng Zhao

Chicken feet! Not only are these extremely resourceful — why is the rest of the world wasting a perfectly edible chicken body part? — they're also delicious. Since feng zhao is mostly skin and tendon, it has a distinct texture, making it a dim sum favorite.

21. And every possible meat, on a stick.

Hong Kong is known both for its fast-paced lifestyle, and its incredible variety of street food. Nothing better represents those two things than these ubiquitous and scrumptious meat sticks: Grab one and go.