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24 Reasons Childhood Friends Are The Best Friends

As told by Harry, Ron, and Hermione, the childhood friends we all had.

1. You never have to worry about telling them your life story. They were there.

2. They saw you through your most awkward phases and stuck with you anyway.

3. And, hey. You saw them through some serious awkwardness too.

4. So you have no shame around each other.

5. Their quirks and idiosyncrasies, which might bother other people, feel like home to you.

6. And you learned some of life's most important lessons from each other.

7. You feel totally comfortable in each others' homes because that's where you spent the majority of your childhood.

8. So you're basically a part of each others' families. Their parents are essentially your parents, and their siblings may as well be yours.

(OK, maybe not all their siblings.)

9. One of the best things about childhood friends is that you have the same childhood enemies.

10. You've seen each other through struggles that your new friends won't even know about.

11. You've also conducted some idiotic experiments together.

12. And, as a result, you've gotten in all sorts of trouble together.

13. Basically, you figured out all the icky growing-up stuff together. That's an unbreakable bond.

14. When they move away, it gives you an excuse to visit wherever they are.

15. You were friends in a world without Netflix so you're really good at finding ways to entertain yourselves.

16. And you were friends before social media was a thing, so you're experts at keeping in touch.

17. But you still always win at #ThrowbackThursday.

18. You can go ages without talking, but when important stuff happens, they're the ones you want around.

19. When you forget details of your past adventures, they fill in the blanks.

20. You know this is a true friendship because when you met, you were just dumb kids.

21. And while it makes you extremely happy to see them as successful adults, it also freaks you out.

22. So it's a good thing that you regress to your childhood selves when you're together.

23. There's nothing that makes you laugh harder than reminiscing about the good times.

24. And when you're done discussing old memories, there's always time to make new ones.