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Go Home Everybody, Ranveer Singh Is Winning Dubsmash


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Unless you live under a rock without WiFi, you've probably seen your fair share of hilarious videos created on the hugely popular sound-dubbing app Dubsmash.

Here Ranveer Singh tries on an iconic No Entry dialogue for size.

And while most people use it to live out their unattainable Bollywood dreams, superstar Ranveer Singh is using it to relive a movie he just finished making, Dil Dhadakne Do.

(Please play this one to watch an amazing double-role performance.)

Look, this one has a cameo from his co-star and pal Priyanka Chopra!

And, of course, since Ranveer can't keep things sane for too long, they play each other's characters in this hilarious vid.

So before you spam everyone on Facebook with your latest creation, remember this: The bar has officially been raised.

DUBble the Ranveer? No complaints here.