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    This Traffic Cop Moonwalks While He Directs Cars And Everything About Him Is Awesome

    "To make everyone follow the traffic rules and to make them understand, I am regulating the traffic by dancing, laughing, and entertaining them."

    Ranjeet Singh's philosophy is simple: If drivers and motorists are happy to see him, they'll happily follow his rules. And dang it, he's right.

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    The traffic policeman lives and works in Indore, Madhya Pradesh (India), and he believes following road rules is extremely important.

    Ruptly TV

    However, he also knows – as does anyone who's ever set foot on Indian roads – that most people have no interest in following them.

    Via Ruptly TV

    And he's figured out that if drivers on his streets are happy, laughing, and entertained by him, they're far more likely to follow his instructions.

    So, naturally, he dances.

    Via Ruptly TV

    We salute you, Ranjeet Singh. You embody precisely the spirit this country needs most. :)

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