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25 Pieces Of Evidence Proving Stabler Is The Perfect Partner

This SVU hottie puts the "law" in "flawless."

1. He looks great in a suit.

NBC Studios / Via

2. Aaaand he looks even better not in it.

No, really. Someone call a detective, because HE'S STOLEN MY HEART.

3. Those eyes.


4. They even pair well with glasses.

NBC Studios / Via

5. He'll keep your secrets because like... His job has made him really good at that.

6. And he'll entertain you for hours.

7. He's got your back in literally any physical altercation.

8. Because cops are sometimes pretty good at that kinda thing.

NBC Studios / Via

9. And he'll hold his own in a trash-talk showdown, too.

10. Despite having worked on a billion cases, his heart is so big that he gets emotionally invested in each one.

11. Just like he'll get emotionally invested in you.

12. Things will never get boring, because he's totally into the chase.

NBC Studios / Via

13. He has a 97% case closure rate... So you can trust him to solve the mysteries of your heart.

14. He's a protective father.

NBC Studios / Via

15. He knows that you're strong and independent and can take care of yourself.

NBC Studios / Via

16. But he'll take care of you anyway.

NBC Studios / Via

17. And make sacrifices for you.

NBC Studios / Via

18. Seriously, there is nobody more loyal. Anywhere.

NBC Studios / Via

19. He's a total team player.

20. But he has a romantic side, too.

NBC Studios / Via

21. So he believes, philosophically, in pleasing you.

22. Whether it's over dinner...

NBC Studios / Via

23. Or elsewhere.

NBC Studios / Via

24. Being a cop and all, he's licensed to wield more than one kind of weapon.

NBC Studios / Via
NBC Studios / Via

25. And, although there's absolutely nothing mysterious about wanting some Stabler in your life...

His entrances are always accompanied by that all-too-familiar "funky mystery music."

NBC Studios / Via

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