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    35 Moving Photos That Perfectly Capture India

    We are so lucky to call this home. Photos courtesy of Humans Of India.

    1. Three women display their henna-covered hands.

    2. Powdered colors laid out for Holi, the festival of colors.

    3. A cyclist, a rickshaw, and pedestrians share an alleyway.

    4. Street children pose for a photo.

    5. A woman carries a pot of water balanced on her head.

    6. Siblings laugh in the back seat of a rickshaw.

    7. A fishmonger shows off his catch.

    8. The photographer captioned this "The Mendicant's Bling."

    9. A family looks out the window of an inter-city train.

    10. A child's eyes, reminiscent of this famous portrait.

    11. A sadhu – a sage or ascetic – meditates at dusk.

    12. Young boys pose for the photographer.

    13. A sari-clad woman waits to cross a busy street in Kolkata.

    14. A modern woman wanders around an ancient palace.

    15. Dipping a stick in henna is a popular method of application.

    16. A pot-seller with his daughter.

    17. Pedestrians and animals share a bridge.

    18. A little girl peeks from underneath her veil.

    19. Pouring tea from one container to another from a height is a step in the traditional process of making chai.

    20. A sadhu's forehead, covered in turmeric and red tilaka.

    21. A girl smiles in the sun.

    22. School boys peek through a window, making faces for the camera.

    23. A camera-shy girl.

    24. A street-side tailor works while a woman in a bandhani sari drinks bottled water.

    25. A girl, presumably the daughter of a fisherman, smiles from atop a boat.

    26. Children wearing bindis and kohl in their eyes.

    27. A junction of roads in the city of Varanasi.

    28. Two young men play a casual game of chess.

    29. An array of snacks and spices laid out for sale.

    30. Fruit-sellers.

    31. Two men share a motorcycle at sundown.

    32. A girl wearing a bindi poses for the lens.

    33. Two fishermen set out for a day's work.

    34. A niqab-clad woman in Varanasi.

    35. A turbaned man smokes a beedi.

    For more photos by Humans Of India, visit their blog.

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