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    India's Biggest Brands Are Connecting With One Another To Fight For Net Neutrality

    Half badass online revolution, half adorable tweet exchanges.

    While the government debates the future of Net Neutrality, Flipkart has made news by first joining and then backing out of Airtel Zero, a new platform widely criticized for violating the principles of Net Neutrality.

    We at Flipkart have always strongly believed in the concept of #NetNeutrality, for we exist because of the Internet.

    Psst! If that sentence up top made absolutely no sense to you, here's an explainer about what Net Neutrality is and why India is freaking out about it right now.

    Today, travel site Cleartrip took a similar stand by backing out of, an initiative by Facebook which has also faced fire for being anti-Net Neutrality.

    Time to draw a line in the sand, Cleartrip is pulling out of & standing up for #NetNeutrality

    And what ensued was 100% cute.

    MakeMyTrip got in there, too. (And Flipkart invited BookMyShow.)

    Simultaneously, the Times Group has committed to withdrawing from under the condition that India Today, NDTV, IBNLive, NewsHunt, and BBC do as well.

    .@Timesinternet Times Group commits to exit appeals fellow publishers to follow #Saveinternet

    A Times Group spokesperson reportedly said:

    "We support net neutrality because it creates a fair, level playing field for all companies - big and small - to produce the best service and offer it to consumers. We will lead the drive towards a neutral internet, but we need our fellow publishers and content providers to do so as well, so that the playing field continues to be level."

    In the last week, several other brands have also taken a stand for Net Neutrality in India.

    @redditindia Amazon has always supported #NetNeutrality.

    NDTV supports #netneutrality. Here's what the debate is about comes out in support of #NetNeutrality! Good on you guys!

    Only you can control what you do online. Keep the internet free. Support #NetNeutrality.

    Net Neutrality also has Bollywood's blessing, and the support of online creators.

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