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Listen, Everyone NEEDS To Stop Making This Joke About "Fan"

Enough is enough.

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1. Nope.

Karima Khan

6. 👏 NOPE 👏

save me from @nirali_ss's whatsapp messages.

7. "Nope" – a film where Nope plays a double-role as Nope and a fan of Nope.

Watching Fan , This one is also not working just like Fan The Film ,Sad Day but hey #EIDPeDekhengeSirfSULTAN

8. NOPE, where the "O" represents the number of friends you'll have if you keep making jokes like this.

Watching #FAN !! Simply Beautiful! Money well spent! #SULTANMostLikedBollyTeaser

9. Nope, as in Delete All Your Social Media Accounts And Go Think About What You've Done.

Loved it 👌 #WatchingFan #FANmovie @subahu @Ruchir78 @zenwalker2008 @SachinSanghe @addyshi2 @bytemight7 @PappuRobot