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    15 Tips To Make Your Selfies As Good As Modi's

    Prime minister of India = king of selfies.

    1. First things first: Always remember that selfies are about yourSELF.

    REMY GABALDA / Stringer

    2. So it doesn't matter if anyone else is even visible as long as you are.

    3. If you're gonna get someone else in there, make sure they're incredibly important.

    Shiva Prasad / Via Twitter: @shivamdprasad

    4. (Or just incredibly famous.)

    #bestselfieever #namo #modivate #relliancefoundation

    5. But again – only you matter, so go ahead and scribble all over their face later.

    6. If your surroundings aren't interesting in themselves, feel free to spice things up with a prop.

    7. If you have the time, try multiple angles and expressions to pick the most flattering.

    Imaan Sheikh

    8. But if you're in a hurry, remember that a high-up angle will never let you down.

    Via Twitter: @Karann_Shah

    It does wonders for highlighting cheekbones and hiding any hints of a double-chin.


    10. Don't feel pressured to look directly at the camera. It's your life, you do you.

    11. Especially if it's someone else's selfie. Just look wherever the heck you want.

    12. And don't ever feel pressured to smile either – sometimes a fierce glare can go a long way.


    13. Always make sure your co-selfie friend's brow game is mediocre compared to yours.

    14. Switch things up once in a while by going for an action shot – poses are for posers. #Candid

    15. And ALWAYS be camera-ready. Remember: even if you aren't taking a selfie, you never know when you'll end up in someone else's.

    American Modi meets Indian Modi

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