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16 Times Bollywood's Ladies Proved They're Just Like The Rest Of Us

Literally same.

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1. When Sonam gave up on her heels.

AKA me every Saturday night.

2. When Nargis's party priorities were literally all of our party priorities.

3. When Alia made this face at the gym.

4. And when Sonakshi didn't even make it that far.

5. When Nargis refused to travel without her stuffed toy.

Yes, it's a turd.

6. When Sonakshi went full geek.

7. When Nargis ate home-delivered pizza while wrapped in a blanket.

8. And, of course, when she did this.

9. When Alia's love for sleep was second only to her love for selfies.

10. When Sonam's ghar wala outfit looked eerily similar to our own.

11. When Priyanka decided that whenever you can nap, you should nap.


12. When Shraddha's friends made sure she spent her birthday just like we spend ours...

Cleaning cake out of her hair.

13. When Anushka couldn't resist trolling her colleagues.



14. When Parineeti had no interest in being awake so damn early.

15. When Jacqueline proved that bored celebs do the same nonsense to entertain themselves as we do.

16. And when Shraddha made this face while thinking about jalebis.