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Heartwarming Photos Of A Noida Rickshaw-Wala And His Best Friend

Here's your daily reminder that love really is all around.

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So, being a journalist, Shiv naturally began photographing this spot on his morning commute whenever he got a chance. He posted them on his personal Facebook in a series called #ManDogOnRoad.

"Since I drove every day to work just as the sun rose, I would see them just before they woke," Shiv said. "Sometimes I'd miss them. Or the dog would still be asleep. But they were clearly man and dog!"

Shiv Aroor

This photo was captioned: "No dog today. Probably off running errands. #ManDogOnRoad"


"I had to stop my car and take a look every day," Shiv said. "I did think I was prying. But they became a part of my morning. There's really no other way to say it."


And, on June 18, Shiv posted this picture to Facebook with the caption "Final post. #ManDogOnRoad"

Shiv Aroor

Several of Shiv's friends and followers, who had grown attached to updates about this man and his loyal companion, posted dismayed comments asking where they had gone. "We will miss them," one said.

"I don't know if the series of pictures told a story," Shiv told BuzzFeed. "It made some people angry, some curious, some just loved the anticipation of how I'd find man and dog the next day."