Modi Keeps Doing This Bizarre Thing When He Poses For Photos With Children

    Our honourable prime minister is very, very good at very many things but...

    Prime Minister Modi is undoubtedly a multi-talented man. One of his greatest skills is being photographed.

    But Modi Ji, what is this?

    Please. Sir. What?

    *Files RTI to find out what the heck is going on here*

    A lot of people have a lot of questions...

    Modi sir has obsession of pulling every kid's ears and how cutely they still smile. weird.

    What is with modi and kid's ears .. Is it a common practice to show love that way for gujjus?

    So when Modi pulls ears of some kid, is it to push the kid towards or away from child labour? Difficult to tell because both ears pulled.

    Having stalked Modi ji's images obsessively for the past year and a half, I've been intrigued by this pose as well. Surely it has some benefits if this man – one who is likely captured in 500 photographs per day – keeps falling back on it.

    So, scientific as always, I decided to experiment with the pose right here at the BuzzFeed India office. (In other words, I forced my colleagues to do this.)

    Here is what they had to say about the experience of posing this way.

    Sahil (the ear-holder): It was pretty cathartic, in that it took me back to the time my maths tuition teacher used to pull my ears the same way. I see the appeal now.

    Shayan (the ear-holdee): Personally, I felt like my towel. I've never thought of how my towel feels when it's hung out to dry and forgotten about. I'll be kinder to my towel. Ears also much warmer.

    Like you, I am wholly, completely, 1000% unsure what that means, but it sounds like they both enjoyed it... So, I guess, keep on doing what you're doing Modi ji.

    I'm sure the kids are honoured to have their ears yanked by you anyway.

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