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    Jill Abramson's Daughter Instagrammed Her Mom With The Hashtag #Pushy

    The tongue-in-cheek picture was uploaded just a day after Abramson was ousted as Executive Editor of the New York Times.

    This is Cornelia Griggs' tongue-in-cheek response to suggestions that her mother was fired from the New York Times for being an aggressive boss and coworker:

    She also tweeted out the Instagram photo:

    Mom's badass new hobby #girls #pushy jabramson64

    The last time Griggs tweeted anything at all was over a year ago, in April of 2013, also in defense of her mother:

    @DylanByers a hugger she isn't. Yes, intimidating & hard to read. But most of all my Mom's a rockstar, a hero for ambitious women. #teamJill

    On Mother's Day, Griggs Instagrammed her mother with the caption: "Happy Mother's Day to my brilliant, fearless momma. A wise woman once said - you are on the right side of history."