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9 Bollywood Couples That We're Awkwardly Still Not Over

#Throwback to simpler times.

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1. Shahid and Kareena

Yes, they're both happily married to other people now and yes, they both got their fairytale endings. But there was something adorably compelling about these two together and they made us all believe in young love jab they met.

2. Ranbir and Deepika

This couple was almost too much perfection in one place. If Bollywood had a prom, they'd be king and queen. And again, they've replaced one another with other flawless beings, but these photos still make us a wee bit nostalgic.

3. Ranveer and Anushka

Virat is the perfect man and Deepika is the perfect woman, but if these two had made it to their own band, baajaa, and baaraat, it would've been a fun riot, guaranteed.

4. Kalki and Anurag

Indie film royalty! There was a weird vicarious joy in imagining these two rolling their own tobacco and having lofty discussions about art and its implications while sitting in quirky caf├ęs none of us have even heard of.


6. John and Bipasha

In a world of broken relationships and flawed love stories, THESE TWO WERE TOGETHER, STEADY AS A ROCK, FOR A DECADE. When their relationship ended, so did a lot of our faith in a happily ever after. They had EVERYTHING in common and always had each other's backs and, ohmygod, it still hurts.

9. Uday and Nargis


OK, this seems pretty mismatched at first, BUT bear with me: One glance at his Twitter account proves that Uday Chopra is literally the goofiest person to have ever existed. And one glance at her Instagrams proves that Nargis is literally the only person who can compete with Uday's goofiness. Why do all goof things come to an end? :'(