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21 Irrational Fears About Love Bollywood Has Instilled In You

If SRK and Kajol aren't even together in real life, what hope do the rest of us have?

1. You fear that you'll never find true love unless your name is Anjali, Naina, or Sonia.

Yash Raj Films / Via

2. And if you're a guy, it's Rahul or bust.

3. You worry that if you happen to meet the love of your life on a day that you have glasses on, he will look right past you.

Dharma Productions / Via

4. But as soon as you swap them out for contacts, you'll suddenly get too much attention.

5. You're almost certain that once you are of marriageable age, your parents will reveal to you that you've been betrothed to someone your whole life.

Excel Entertainment / Via

6. Or the person you're into will have their marriage arranged to someone else and you'll have to do this at their wedding:

Aamir Khan Productions / Via

7. You wonder all the time if people really do have humshakals*. How will you ever know if you're hooking up with the original or the duplicate?


8. You're genuinely concerned that your honeymoon will be in the Swiss Alps but you won't be allowed to pack anything but chiffon saris.

9. You have a feeling the love of your life will end up being the dweeby BFF that you have a secret handshake with.

Yash Raj Films / Via

10. Or that the fat kid you made fun of your entire life will grow up to be super attractive... And you'll fall for him.

11. You fear that your romantic prospects are totally dependent on your culinary skills.

12. And you worry that your saas will hate you by default.

13. And, of course, your significant other's dad will literally want to kill you.

14. You're concerned that someone who died several decades ago will be reborn and steal your boyfriend.

15. When you're on vacation anywhere exotic, you worry that you'll snap out of it at any moment and realize it was a just daydream you had while staring at your crush.

16. At some point at your wedding, everyone around you WILL break out into coordinated song and dance and... What if you don't know the steps?

17. What if the person you've been seeing is secretly linked to a gang of gundas?

18. You're pretty much always worried that your daily life is going to get interrupted by an irrelevant item number.

19. What if your boo takes his shirt off and you find out he's covered in tattoos because of his short term memory loss?

20. Or worse: That he's as hairy as Anil.

21. More than anything else, you're paranoid about missing every train you ever try to board.

But if there's one thing Bollywood has taught you, it's that your soulmate will be on it, ready to pull you on.

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