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26 Innocent Things That Will Make You Feel Filthy

Mind, meet gutter.

1. These girls trying to commemorate their annual vacation at the lake house.

2. This couple having some fun in the great outdoors.

Oh wait.

3. This religious text.

4. This entirely blameless stack of eggshells.

5. These pigs enjoying a meal together.

6. This well-meaning church sign extolling the virtues of prayer.

7. This Copenhagen landmark.

8. This particular experiment.

9. And these games.

10. This lint roller that promises to solve all the wrong problems.

11. This headline about freshman Ray Ball joining the University of Wisconsin football team.

12. This news segment about vibrating toothbrushes.

13. This aquarium ad that's probably very distracting to drivers.

14. This thrilled Grand Prix driver popping champagne.

15. And another one, "drinking it in."

16. Actually, I think we can safely say that sports reporting, on the whole, needs to be less gross.

17. This ad for milk.

18. This family photo.

19. This extremely unfortunate elbow positioning.

20. This dip that literally nobody should be dipping anything in.

21. This very informative USA Today weather report.

22. These tweets by respected and loved televangelist Joel Osteen.

23. These toys made for children. Innocent, innocent children.

24. These terrifying comic book moments.

25. This lotion that doesn't at all believe in false advertising.

26. And this infomercial that definitely does.