India's Hilarious, Adorable 8-Year-Old Dance Prodigy Performs On "The Ellen Show"

    Since his India's Got Talent performance went viral last month, Akshat Singh's rise to fame has brought him to America.

    This is Akshat Singh. He is 8 years old.

    Last month, Akshat performed Bollywood-style dancing on India's Got Talent.

    And his performance blew the judges away.

    His confident stage presence and sense of humor, combined with his impressive breakdance-and-Bollywood fusion, won hearts around the world.

    You can watch his original performance in full here.

    Akshat has been dancing since he was 4 years old. Here is a video of him practicing at home at the age of 5.

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    Amongst his other badass traits, there is the fact that he rehearses shirtless and with sunglasses on.

    Now a semifinalist on India's Got Talent, Akshat took a break from his busy performance schedule to fly across the world to L.A. to visit Ellen.

    He told Ellen that he dances for 3 hours everyday, and then eats a lot. "If there's no petrol in the car, how will the car run?"

    "I have gone to India's Got Talent only to show my talent to whole India... Motu* can also dance." Watch his remarkable performance here:

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    *Hindi slang for a fat child.

    And here's a bonus performance he did just for Ellen's studio audience, to Macklemore's "Can't Hold Us":

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