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    23 Reasons Having Biryani Is Better Than Having A Boyfriend

    Baeryani <3


    1. First things first, biryani is super flippin' hot.

    2. Like, no matter how great the view is, you won't be able to keep your eyes off biryani.

    3. Unlike men, biryani doesn't have good days and bad – it's always stunning.

    4. Even up close.

    5. The best part is: biryani will make it its life's mission to please you.

    6. Unlike fickle men, biryani will always be nuts about you.

    7. And, best of all, you'll never be bored because biryani knows how to spice things up ;)

    8. Biryani will literally always be there for you.

    9. Wanna start the day together? Sure, no problem.

    10. Wanna get into bed together in the middle of the night? Go right ahead.

    11. Wanna keep things light for a while? Can do!

    12. Suddenly craving something hot and heavy? Biryani is totally down.

    13. Biryani is inclusive. #VegetariansArePeopleToo

    14. And biryani gets along with everything and everyone so introducing it to your friends will be easy-peasy.

    15. Stop looking for Mr. Right and say hello to Mr. Raita.

    16. Stop chasing after a bae and get yourself a baeryani.

    17. Abandon your sweet, loving whispers and devour some savory, masaaledaar muttars.

    18. BF isn't for boyfriend anymore, it's for Biryani Feast!

    19. Biryani will never cancel your plans last minute or take too long to respond to a text.

    20. Biryani won't play videogames while you try to talk to him or regress to a middle schooler around his dude friends.

    21. Biryani doesn't snore or have morning breath or leave the toilet seat up.

    22. So stop lowering your standards, and start raisin' some raisins.

    23. Put down your Tinder. Pick up your spoon.

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