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Here's A Bunch Of Indians Reacting To A Bunch Of Americans Trying A Bunch Of Indian Snacks

"That's not how you eat pani puri!" -All of India in unison.

If you're on the internet a lot, you may have seen this video that was released a couple of weeks ago, in which Americans tried various Indian snacks for the first time.

Everyone in the video is a BuzzFeed staffer in Los Angeles, and they tried Indian gems as varied as Hajmola and Thums Up.

Their reactions were hilarious, but after watching the video, most Indians had the same questions and concerns.


For instance, we all wailed in unison, that that^ is not how you eat pani puri!

To demonstrate this point, the always-experimental folks at Sortedd TV got a bunch of Indians to watch the American video, and filmed their reactions.

And it quickly became evident that despite being a diverse country, India is united by the outrage we all feel when someone messes up our beloved pani puri.

Watch the super-meta hilarity in full here:

View this video on YouTube

And find more of Sortedd TV's work here.

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