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22 Things That Will Fill Any Woman With Unbridled Joy

Fighting the patriarchy all day, every day can get exhausting, so here's a virtual care package – you deserve it.

1. Let's start with some adorable DIY projects.

2. And now let yourself revel in these iconic movie scenes.

Slay, Audrey.

3. Next, let's enjoy Rachel's perfect response to Ross's #NotAllMen.

4. And take a moment to applaud this perfect feminist shut down from The Boy Who Lived... And Let Live.

5. Now bow down to this four-year-old (who could teach a thing or two to most grown adults) telling a cute story about her day at school.

6. Read these sweet, heartwarming tales of mansplaining gone right.

Snarky guy in coffee queue eyes off my Bioshock Infinite t-shirt, suggests I "probably haven't even played it". So I told him the ending.

👏 👏 👏

7. And let's think back on the fact that a staggering 13.7 million people watched this moment unfold on mainstream, primetime television.

8. Pause for a shout-out to game designer Alanah Pearce for snitching out sexist assholes to the woman in charge.

Sometimes young boys on Facebook send me rape threats, so I've started telling their mothers.

9. And hey, check out this new Lego set featuring women scientists!

(Yes for kids growing up NOT surrounded by gender stereotypes!)

10. Let's dedicate one resounding "fuck, yes!" to everything about Emma Watson.

11. Every. Single. Thing.

12. AND LOOK! Her invitation worked!

13. Now consider how amazing is it that women celebrities have developed a habit of shutting down reporters who ask sexist questions.

More importantly, they're so damn good at it.

*Wipes away a lone tear* It's beautiful.

14. Alright, time for a momentary GIF break.

You've earned this.

OK, OK, just one more.

15. Aaand we're back. Remember this perfect headline? 🙌

16. Imagine a home where your decor shuts down the patriarchy for you.

*Immediately buys these online*

*Adds finishing touch*

17. And let's really appreciate the fact there is a game called Tampon Run where you throw tampons at your enemies to defeat them.

18. Remind yourself that one of this year's Nobel Peace Prize recipients was a young girl (17, to be precise!) fighting for the right to education of other young girls.

19. And let's pause for a second to admire Feminist Frank, some of the internet's most progressive memery.

He gets it.

Tell 'em, Frank!

20. And if men who are outspokenly feminist is your thing, here are some famous dudes who don't believe 50% of the world should be marginalized:

Yes, it's a low bar.

But maybe if we validate those who meet it, more will?

21. Now let's unwind with some perfect anti-catcalling street art.

👊 👊 👊

👍 👍 👍

🙅 🙅 🙅

22. And yes, the world is still a horrendous, unjust, dangerous, exhausting place to be a woman...

So let's take a moment to thank the women and men working tirelessly, every single day, to make it better.