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    26 Decisions That Are Incredibly Difficult For Third Culture Kids

    "So, where are you from?" *Cue identity crisis.*

    Third Culture Kid (noun):

    Also known as:

    1. The most difficult decision you'll make as a TCK is choosing what to say when someone asks where you're from.

    2. And the inevitable follow-up: "Of all the places you've lived, which is your favorite?"

    3. Who to root for during any World Cup.

    4. And, even more difficult, during the Olympics.

    5. When forms and documents require you to check a box describing you're from.

    6. Picking a cuisine for dinner. Everyday. Literally everyday.

    7. Which accent (or language) to speak in when you're with friends from multiple places, or when you meet someone new.

    8. Which time-zone to celebrate your birthday in: Where you are? Or where you were born??

    9. Awkwardly correct peoples' incorrect pronunciations of your name, or just roll with it?

    10. "How many languages can you speak?" Idk, are we counting the ones I can order food in?

    11. Understand the news and current affairs of one place thoroughly? Or understand a thousand places at surface level?

    12. Which I.D. to use when you go out.

    13. Plan a route based on the most painless layover, or the best in-flight entertainment system?

    14. And when you're on the plane: Watch the safety video AGAIN, or just start your nap early?

    15. What term of endearment to call your significant other. Hayati? Amor? Jaan? Mon cher?

    16. And, of course, which language to curse in.

    17. Picking a wedding location will probably be the most difficult of all. Where in the world is convenient for both your college buddies and your grandma?

    18. What to do when someone asks if they can look at your passport a.k.a. your most prized possession.

    19. Where to go on vacation? See somewhere new, or visit one of several homes?

    20. When a form asks for your "permanent address."

    21. Which currency to process large sums of money in. Let's be honest, "thirty-five thousand Rubles" sounds a lot more expensive than "a thousand dollars."

    22. WhatsApp or iMessage? Skype or FaceTime? Viber or Google Voice?

    23. Wanna get a tattoo in homage to your home? Cool. Which one.

    24. Go to bed at a reasonable hour, or stay up into the middle of the night chatting with friends in other timezones?

    25. When Facebook asks for a "hometown."

    26. And, of course: "If you had to pick one place, where would you call home?"