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    Every Politician Needs To Be More Like Meghalaya's Rock N' Roll Chief Minister

    This 2012 video of CM Mukul Sangma singing Queen's "I Want To Break Free" proves that, contrary to popular belief, Indian politics do not suck your entire soul.

    Here's Chief Minister Mukul Sangma rocking out to Queen's eighties anthem, "I Want To Break Free," for attendees of 2012's "NICT Meghabytes."

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    Meghabytes was a one-day event organised in 2012 by The Telegraph and the government of Meghalaya, to foster the growth of Meghalaya's IT sector.

    Sangma, who belongs to the Indian National Congress party, has been in politics since 1993 and has been Chief Minister of Meghalaya since 2010.

    And we salute his commitment to rock n' roll.