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17 Wise, Inspirational, And Life-Changing Shirts Spotted In The Streets Of India

Sab kuch milega.

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Grant Davis is a Delhi-based filmmaker who has spent several months wandering the streets of India and capturing its wide variety of sassy and hilarious t-shirts. This project is called "Nice Shirt Dear" and here are some of his wisest finds:

1. Because you should always know when it's time to move on:

2. Because the only thing constant in life is "changing place changing time changing thoughts changing."

3. Because we are all masters of our own fates:

4. Because taking changes is almost as dangerous as taking chances:

5. Because the greatest legends know to keep it simplae:

6. For when you need to call a spade a spade:

7. Because open-mindedness and resourcefulness are central pillars of success:

8. Because love is useless unless you share it:

9. Because consistent and logical punctuation is for WUSSES:

10. Some straight up solid advice: Don't gossip. Try to fight emotion.

11. "Dad mill always Be my king" is just a more profound way to say "blood is thicker than water":

12. This is foolproof advice for detectives and anyone committing customs fraud:

13. Wear your heart on your sleeve and your libido on your chest:

14. Because no one told you life was gonna be this way:

15. This is a stunning coming-of-age story:

16. This is a walking, talking aptitude test:

17. And this is a man who has clearly achieved complete zen.

Check out the entire Nice Shirt Dear collection on Instagram here.

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