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26 Everyday Situations That Explain Why Indians Have Trust Issues

As told by national treasure and voice of reason, Rakhi Sawant.

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1. Opening a packet of Magic Masala and discovering that 60% of it was filled with air.

2. Biting down on a bone in supposedly boneless biryani.

3. Paying for 12 MBPS and getting 12 KBPS.

4. When you pay a billion hazaar crore rupees in tax and the lane outside your house remains broken all year.

5. Seeing seven auto rickshaws lined up, none of whom agree to take you where you're going.

6. When Maggi takes longer than two minutes to cook.

7. When you vote for someone and they quit in 49 days.

8. When you get an SMS from your bank but it's not your salary.

9. When Flipkart's sale items are all out of stock before the sale has even started.

10. When Domino's takes 31 minutes to show up.

11. When Thums Up claims to have 20% extra and it's just 20% empty space in a bottle.

12. When you order a phone from Snapdeal and they send you a bar of soap.

13. When you buy a top for ₹2,000 from Zara and then see it in Sarojini Nagar for ₹400.

14. When a restaurant has beef on the menu but it's been "unavailable right now" all the twenty times you've been there.

15. When a 3 minute YouTube video takes 30 minutes to buffer.

16. When you download an entire movie and discover it is someone's camcorder recording from PVR.

17. When you have 12 new unread texts but 11 of them are from Airtel.

18. When a dish costs ₹80 on the menu and you pay ₹300 in service tax.

19. When the one friend who drinks 12 drinks at dinner then suggests splitting the bill evenly.

20. When you're excited that your phone is blowing up with notifications and they're all from your family WhatsApp group.

21. When you web check-in early but still have to wait in line at the airport for an hour.

22. When your frankie falls apart two bites in.

23. When you're waiting by your phone for bae to call and instead Vodafone calls sixty times in a row.

24. When all four of your Facebook notifications are Candy Crush requests.

25. When you find a patch of hair on your leg the day after you got them waxed.

26. And when you're just trying to give your insights on current affairs but you're turned into a meme.

Sorry, Rakhi. We honestly love you. Never change.