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    Posted on Jan 9, 2014

    22 Awesome Things About Being 22

    I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty great about things, actually.

    1. You have the physical ability to drink as much as you want, and the disposable income to afford it.

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    2. You're just starting out your full-time career, so going to work is still a fun novelty.

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    3. You're old enough to get romantically serious if you want to, but there's no pressure to do so.

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    4. Getting asked for ID at bars isn't terrifying, and doesn't throw you into emotional turmoil.

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    5. Unless you VOLUNTARILY CHOSE to go to grad school, this is the first time in yeeeears that you have no homework.

    6. You can hold your own in grown-up conversations with late twentysomethings, or people in their thirties.

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    7. And you're clued in enough to keep up with kids younger than you too.

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    8. You can still enjoy the occasional night at a club or a loud bar, without feeling like dying.

    9. And you feel absolutely no FOMO while having a pantsless bed + Netflix + Nutella night either.

    10. Your parents no longer see you as a little baby, so you can hang out as friends.

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    11. You have all your grown-up firsts, like your first business card. There is literally nothing more exciting.

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    12. And your first real world apartment = trips to Ikea, and wacky interior decor experiments. It's like playing house, but FOR REAL.

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    13. You're past 21 — i.e., the most high-pressure age of all.


    14. This is when you figure out who your real friends are, because friendship is no longer based on who lives in your dorm.

    15. You're old enough to remember the nineties and aughts, aka the pop culture golden age.

    16. But also totally up to date with today's insane and inexplicable happenings too.

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    17. You have the authority to complain about both college life and the real world.

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    18. Fun bonus: College kids constantly want your life and career advice, so you get to act wise.

    19. Your awful college lifestyle is out of the way, so you can finally pay attention to your body and get healthy.

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    20. And your brain's got some developing years left too, so you can squeeze in some new skillz.

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    21. Basically, you're no longer the shitshow you were as a teen and college kid, but you're still shitshow enough to be fun.

    22. And, most importantly, you have a whole year to unselfconsciously sing along to the best age-jam of all time.

    As the venerable T-Swizzle puts it, "It's miserable and magical. Oh, yeah."

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