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An Insane And Anonymous Group Of Indians Are Hosing People For Peeing In Public

If you put the "p" in public, urine trouble.

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Public urination, especially by men, is widespread problem in India and it's pissed some people off.

Meet "The Clean Indians," an anonymous activist group armed with a water tanker, some hoses, and a "wee"kness for sanitation.

Their motto is simple: You pee on India, we pee on you.

... From on top of a giant water tank truck.

... With a huuuuuge hose.

... In front of everyone.

And they won't stop until the public peeing stops.

Admittedly, there are some structural flaws with this approach:

• In a country faced with a serious scarcity of water, it wastes a precious resource.

• It punishes people for committing a crime without addressing or solving their reason for doing so: A lack of clean and accessible public toilets.

• It's rude as hell.

But hey. It makes for a hilarious video. Watch the madness in full here:

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