25 Amazing Benefits Of Living With Your Best Friends

Home is where the heart-to-heart is.

1. The most boring errands, like grocery shopping, become hilarious adventures.

2. And doing household chores together basically feels like a party.

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3. You always have a cuddle buddy.


4. And you often find yourselves having intense heart-to-hearts at 3 a.m., without having planned to.

5. You always have someone to pregame with before heading out…

6. Someone to travel with when you’re ready to go…

7. Of course, you always have someone to come home with at the end of the night.

8. And, most importantly, someone to commiserate with when you’re hungover on Sunday mornings.


9. You’re immune to FOMO because even when you stay in, your favorite person is right there with you.

10. Cooking together is always a roller coaster.


11. You always have someone to take your quarter-life crises to, no matter how unearthly the hour.

12. You have someone to watch every new episode of your shows with, and discuss immediately after.

13. And movie nights are the best nights.

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14. (Rivalled only by game nights, which are pretty great too, actually.)

15. You’re 100% comfortable walking around the house without real clothes on.

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Which is good because pants are the enemy.

16. You’re always up to speed on each other’s love lives.

CBS / Via pandawhale.com

17. (Sometimes a little too intimately.)

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18. You never feel the need to communicate passive-aggressively.

19. Because you’re seriously OK with being honest with each other.

20. You always have someone to give you outfit feedback.


21. And you have twice the clothes* to choose from, because sharing is caring.


*And shoes, and accessories.

22. Which also means you double up on friends, parties, stories, and experiences.

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23. When you hear other people’s roommate horror stories, you realize you’ve lucked out.

24. Because you always have someone who asks you how your day was, and actually cares.

25. And because no matter how your day is, you always get to come home to your favorite person.

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