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    18 Adorable Notes That Children Wrote About Their Loved Ones

    A is for "awwwwwwwwww." All notes sourced from Found Magazine.

    1. BFFs as an exclusive relationship.

    "Kaitlynn is my BFF. That means best friends forever, only BFF is for short. My teacher has many BFFs. I promise that Kaitlynn is my only BFF so I can't have another BFF."

    2. If you love something, let it go. Then pick it up.

    "Dear mom, I am glad you are picking me up because I miss you so much. I miss Audrey too."

    3. Saying sorry and moving on.

    "Dear Jaylin, I am sorry for throwing your jacket in the toilet. That was not a nice thing to do. My hope for us is to get along better in the future. This will never happen again."

    4. Love tempered by pragmatism.

    "Happy birthday, dad, I hope you have a nice day? Get a frickin' job."

    5. "This is what you did."

    "This is what you did."

    *broken hearts*

    6. Yes or no? Maybe or never?

    "Dear Savion, will you kiss me after school? Check yes or no and maybe or never. And call me if you liked the kiss because I want to know how it was to you because I love you Savion. Please check yes. Oh ya, do you want to take me on a date? From: Your girlfriend Magen."

    7. Selling someone a ring for $2 is the new apologizing.

    "I'm sorry if I made you mad. I've got a ring for two dollars. Write me back. I'm very sorry. If you don't have the money, I'll give you the ring free."

    8. The results are in.

    "Mom, I love you. Do you love me too?"

    9. All good explorers leave the music on.

    "Dear dad,

    I have ran off to see the world.



    P.S.: I left the music on.

    P.P.S.: You are a good dad.

    P.P.P.S.: I closed the window."

    10. L is for the way you look at me.

    11. "You try to make me happy and it works."

    "What makes a dad so special? By: Jimbo."

    12. Honestly, what's not to like about Waseem?

    "What I like about Waseem: I like his black eyes, the way I can see myself inside them and the way that they sparkle."

    13. Sometimes you gotta ask for help. Especially when monsters are involved.

    14. This looks pretttty familiar but the sentiment is appreciated.

    15. Between the lines.

    "I am sorry I hit you. You made me sad, too. I cannot take it anymore. You are the best too."

    16. "We would be like birds flying in the air."

    "Dear Crestion, I think you are cute. I wish you can like me too. We would be so happy together. We would be like birds flying in the air."

    17. "Teach me what to do and what not to do. Please."

    18. And, as an afterthought, I love you.

    "Are you off punishment yet? If not, when are you getting off? When are you going to come over? When are we going to the movies? Can I have my C.D. player back? When you come over, you will get your C.D. And I love you."

    H/t to Found Magazine for collecting the notes used in this post.

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