22 Baffling Revelations You Have When You Move To America

On this side of the pond, asking for a “rubber” won’t get you an eraser.

1. Football only tangentially involves both feet and balls.

2. And “Greek Life” is a thing that has nothing to do with Greece.

Until it does.

3. The ground floor of a building is called the first floor.

And the first floor is called the second floor. Help.

4. Mac ‘n’ cheese is extremely serious business.

Liking it might get you stabbed, but disliking it will get you deported.

5. And it is acceptable to eat breakfast foods at any time of the day.

Daniel Y. Go / Via Flickr: 84172943@N00

God bless America.

6. Fahrenheit: It is never as warm as it sounds.

Peanuts by Charles Schulz / Via denisedykstra.blogspot.com

Back home, “eighty degree weather” means the world is ending.

7. Morals are nationally programmed by Disney.

Even if they are a little suspect…

8. If “Get Low” ever plays at any establishment, it is culturally required to drop everything you’re doing and to start rapping instead.

9. Also, speaking of music, country music is everywhere.

Tammy McGary / Via Flickr: 47152453@N07

10. You have the inalienable right to put peanut butter on literally anything.

11. And while you’re at it, you can deep fry whatever you want, too.

12. You will never get used to this nation-wide lapse in logic.

13. Some people’s pets have more expensive clothing than you do.

@mensweardog / Via instagram.com

Also their food budgets are probably higher than yours.

14. And the President has more swag than you.

Chip Somodevilla / Via gettyimages.com

15. Your American peers can vote, drive and marry before they can crack open a beer.

(They can also join the military and buy guns and stuff.)

16. Asking a new acquaintance where they’re from is always an adventure.

17. Everyone has perfect teeth. Seriously, everyone.

18. You will always get served more food than any human should eat in one sitting.

Jaroslaw Grudzinski / Via shutterstock.com

19. But you’ll probably also have enough soda to wash it all down.

20. There are drive-thrus for everything.

Which is both convenient and concerning.

21. Americans are the most patriotic people you will ever meet.

22. Which is why the flag is all over everything.

So there might be a few surprises, but you’re gonna love it here.

And America will love you back.

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