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    13 Ways To Get Through Your College Graduation

    Congratulations, class of 2013! You've sat through four years of lectures and the last thing you need right now is to listen to old people talk at you for three more hours. This drinking game will turn your long and boring commencement ceremony into the afterparty you deserve.

    1. Drink when you hear the words "future" or "career" or "passion" or "change."

    2. Take a shot for every crying mom you spot in the audience.

    3. Take a shot for every dad with an unnecessarily large camera.

    4. Last of your friends to spot a sleeping graduate takes a shot.

    5. First person to get five 'likes' on a cap-and-gown Instagram gets to make five friends drink.

    6. First person to receive a cap-and-gown Snapchat selfie gets to make everyone else drink.

    7. Waterfall through the fight song.

    8. Take a shot when the commencement speaker makes a joke that's actually funny.

    This one doesn't count if your speaker is Ellen .

    9. Take two shots when the commencement speaker makes a joke that only parents think is funny.

    10. First of your friends to get genuinely nostalgic about college takes a giant swig.

    11. If that friend's hat falls off mid-swig, everyone takes a shot.

    12. Take a shot every time a graduate's name is butchered beyond recognition.

    13. Take a shot when your own name is called.

    Congratulations, graduate! If you make it across that stage without tripping, falling or throwing up, empty your drink as fast as you can. You did it!

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