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    21 Doctor Who Inspired Crafts

    For every Whovian in your life.

    1. TARDIS Tissue Box Holder

    Makezine / Via

    Perfect, since we all know that Steven Moffat has no heart and will make you cry. Tutorial can be found here

    2. Bow Tie Pillows are cool

    freakyfleece etsy store / Via

    Much like the 11th Doctor's neck you can now dress your favorite chair with a bright red bowtie. Buy one from Freakyfleece's Etsy Shop .

    3. Toast to the new season with homemade Doctor Who glasses

    Crafty Tardis / Via

    Cheers to 50 yerars of The Doctor! Tutorial here .

    4. Insulate! Insulate! Knit this awesome Dalek themed hat!

    Amy van de Laar / Via

    Check out this free pattern to knit your own Dalek hat.

    5. Make some Adipose marshmallow snacks!

    The Play is the Thing... / Via

    Make some of these little delicious aliens at your Doctor Who parties!

    6. If you've got the time...Knit a scarf like the 4th Doctor's!


    It could take you some time, but here is the pattern for the iconic scarf.

    7. Looking for a new Angel for your Christmas Tree?


    DON'T BLINK! Tutorial here

    8. Try making your own Sonic Screwdriver


    Unfortunately you can't open locks with this one...Tutorial can be found here

    9. If you have a steady hand, try some Doctor Who themed nail art!


    If your have the precision of a toddler, try out this tutorial for Galaxy Nails.

    10. How about an awesome Doctor Who themed T-Shirt


    No Iron-Ons, Puffy Paint, or rhinestones needed! Just a stencil, a spray bottle, and some bleach water and you have a new shirt.

    11. Make a "Time" Lord...get it?


    Have each of The Doctors help you keep Wibbly Wobbley Timey Wimey! Just buy an old clock and replace the numbers with a picture of one of The Doctors.

    12. Make a TARDIS themed apron...

    13. ...Then bake some cookies!


    Tutorial on how to get the shapes here .

    14. Little Fido can get into the spirit too!


    Make a k9 inspired outfit for your dog!

    15. Cuddle The Doctor with this pillow!


    Buy it from telahmarie's etsy shop or attempt your own!

    16. Make a quiet book for the little Whovian in your life


    Buy the pattern from BantamBB's Etsy Store and craft away! For more images of the Quiet Book, click here

    17. "Good enough to clean the TARDIS" dish cloths


    Chose from the TARDIS, a dalek, or a Cyberman.

    18. Be Old-School and make a trendy cross stitch


    Buy the pattern from Elfstitch's Etsy Shop and have a go at it yourself!

    19. Make a Time Lord inspired Skeleton Shirt


    Show off that binary vascular system! Tutorial can be found here

    20. It's bigger on the inside TARDIS bag


    Show off that Time Lord technology with this cute tote. Translated tutorial here

    21. Fezzes are cool too.


    Much like the bow tie, the Eleventh Doctor brought the Fez back in style. Make your own here

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