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The Ultimate List Of The The Best TV Dads

Growing up these were the men you wished were your Dad.

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23. Al Bundy / Via

Okay so he may not be your first choice (heck even your last choice) but Al Bundy always cared for his family, even if he did dream about ditching them at times when push comes to shove he'd stick up for his family.

21. Archie Bunker & George Jefferson


Offensive sayings such as "What are you looking at meathead?" and "Ya big Honky" would be heard frequently in both of these households. Archie Bunker and George Jefferson are both hard-nosed, conservative, family men. Yes they may be a bit rough around the edges, unknowingly or ignorantly racist, and of course cranky but they are only the products of their times. They'd both would be a bit difficult to have as a Father but they're no nonsense attitude would prepare you for the harshness of life. Plus Archie can sing one heck of a song and oh boy can George dance. Let's also not forget about thier lovely wives to balance their crazy.

20. Fred Flinstone & Barney Rubble / Via

They're hair-brained schemes would probably drive you nuts but just like every Father from BC, they'd love you and go to great (stupid) lenghts to afford nice things to achieve that perfect nuclear prehistoric family.

19. Red Forman / Via

Despite his intimidating demeanor, Red really does care for his family. He works his butt off and is often cheated so you can't blame him for being so angry. He may be tough and a bit of an ass, but as your Father he'd only want the best for your future, even when his son left for Africa he contintued to allow Eric's friends and stupid Randy into his house. Yes you may get a lot of "foot up your ass" insults, but it would be said out of love!

17. Herman Munster / Via

Despite his spooky and rather large appearance, Herman Munster is nothing but a cuddly teddy bear. His honesty and naivety would come in handy when trying to get out of trouble and his monster-like strength would be wonderful to have when it comes to vacuuming under the couch.

16. Mike Brady / Via

Yes, the Brady's are corny, weird, and unnecessarly close but Mike Brady was a pretty good Dad. His house was groovy, he loved all of his children and never considered his daughters as step-children, and along with Alice he was always a good voice of reason.

15. Ray Barone / Via

Yes he'd be a bit whiny, but he just wants to be loved! If you were apart of the Barone household you would belong to one kick-ass family. You'd have a crazy but lovable uncle, hilarious grandparents, a sweet Mom, and of course a sweet Dad who despite any imperfections would never treat you differently.

13. Jason Seaver / Via

Therapist Jason Seaver opened up his home to his troubled patients so that his wife could go back to work as a reporter, and he could stay home more and help with their children. Jason Seaver was also a pretty goofy Dad too, he even gave Phil Dunphy a run for his money when he embarrassed Mike on the local news after a Springsteen concert. You would always feel loved and welcomed in the Seaver household, Jason even took in Mike's homeless student (Played by future 2014 Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio) and welcomed him into the family.

P.S let's just disregard Robin Thicke and pretend that Jason Seaver is the real life Alan Thicke.

11. Cameron Tucker / Via

His antics may seem over the top and dramatic at times, but he would always make it known to you how proud he is of you, and how much love that he has for you. He's funny, charming, and lovingly over-protective what more could you ask for?

10. Hal Wilkerson / Via

Hal may be a bit weird but there's no doubt that he doesn't love his family. Hal has done some pretty cool stuff to encourage his boys as well as make them happy, not to mention his laid back attitude matches perfectly with Lois's intimidating sometimes frightening attitude. As a bonus how many of you out there wished he had taught you how to skate?

9. Carl Winslow / Via

He and his family may not be sitcom-perfect but they were proof that bad things can happen in life and standing by your family and your friends at the end will always be worth more than any possession in the world.

8. Reverend Eric Camden / Via

Eric Camden must love being called Father, I mean he did have 7 children and he's also a reverend. Coincidence much? His calm and patient demeanor makes him an easy man to go to for advice, he used the peaceful and wholesome lessons from the bible to spread kindness and acceptance in his community. He's been shown to have a temper at times and often his kids decisions in life conflicted with his values, but after every argument or disagreement his love for his family would always shine through.

7. Howard Cunningham / Via

A personal favorite of mine, Howard Cunningham is a soft-spoken, well-mannered, hard-working family man. He raised his children to treat all people with respect, he opened up his home and his heart to the Fonz and informally adopted him as his own. Howard Cunningham is definitely a person you may have looked up to growing up.

6. Danny Tanner / Via

Danny Tanner lost his wife in a horrible drunk-driving incident and was left to raise four daughters on his own. With the help of his family those girls grew into beautiful young women whom Danny protects and loves with all of his heart. He may a bit of dork and somewhat silly, but his role as a successful single Father was an inspiration to many single parents out there.

5. Keith Mars / Via

Kooky, smart, funny, and cool. I don't know if I want to date Keith Mars or wish he were my Father. Keith Mars is another great example of a single Father doing the best he can for his family because doing the job meant for two people by yourself is one of the most rewarding and admirable things a person could do.Keith and Veronica have the perfect Father/Daughter relationship, things may not be the best at times but there would never be any doubt as to how far these two would go to save each other, like jumping into an inferno to save your child even if that means letting the bad guy get away. (But he doesn't because Keith rocks!)

4. Philip Banks / Via

Philip Banks for some was the Father figure they never had growing up. He was funny, rich, kind, and never short of words of wisdom. His children (yes, even Hillary) grew up to be just as kind and wise as he, Philip Banks also gave his nephew Will a chance in life he never would have had and gave Will the confidence to achieve the best in life.

3. Andy Taylor / Via

Another great addition to the strong single-father TV Dad family. Andy Griffith was the wholesome small-town sheriff in Mayberry, NC and single father to sweet little Opie. A friendly, humorous, well mannered-man Andy Taylor raised his son in a relaxed environment. How many of you wanted to be apart of those awesome fishing trips?

2. Heathcliff (Cliff) Huxtable / Via

This educated, sweater clad, pudding pop lover, funny man is King of the TV Dads. Cliff's sarcasm, strong morals, and kind nature rubbed off on his children and their children, creating yet another generation of greatness.

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