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    How Red Edge Stopped Worrying & Learned To Love Programmatic Buying

    You may know Red Edge for innovative apps, fun websites, or our edgy communications. But we are also upping our advertising game in big ways, and we’re excited about what it means for our work together.

    We're the first DC firm on the right to harness the power of Google's new and improved beast of a platform, Doubleclick Bid Manager.

    This is a very exciting step in programmatic buying—and we’re smart enough to let smarter machines help maximize every penny of our clients’ spend.

    While some folks are still a bit behind the times...

    Here at Red Edge, we're always upping our ad game.

    Depending on the need, we'll place buys across Facebook Exchange, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. more efficiently and effectively.

    It's like having an ad command center.

    We can get your ads to 96% of the Internet audience through one central platform.

    One that we'll use to ensure your money is well-spent.

    With incredible optimization and real-time reporting, we're stretching every client dollar.

    So the question is: What can we do for you?

    We're already planning some initial buys, and we're looking for suggestions on experiments to try.

    Interested? You bet you are!

    For people who are interested in seeing if we can drive strong results and lower costs, follow up with

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