Music Education Majors Be Like…

(It’s not all fun and games…)

1. At first you were like, “YES! I’m going to do nothing except play music all day!!”

2. And then you found out you had to take 12 *CLASSES* a semester

(That’s like a trillion credits)

3. Let’s do this!

4. 8a.m. class every single semester


5. Every time your friends want to make plans…

6. …you reluctantly say no

I can’t… I have homework…. I have to study… I have class :(

7. Practice a secondary instrument?

8. Play “Hot Crossed Buns” on said-instrument you haven’t picked up all week?

9. 5 minutes to grab food before your next class

10. Music History test tomorrow

11. “How’d your test go?”

12. Music theory homework

13. Pretending to empathize with people in other majors…

(With the exception of science & nursing majors) Must be nice to only have 6 classes…

14. What you look like in the library:

15. Getting out of class at 8pm…

just in time to make rehearsal!

16. Preparing for your recital

17. The night before the piano jury you never practiced for…

18. Two minutes before the piano jury you never practiced for…

19. That moment you pass your jury

20. The end of the semester your friends are like:

21. You’re like:

(I have another exam! … our ensemble is going on tour! … I have observations to do… I have summer classes! … They’re making me stay to play for graduation!)

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