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This Story Will A-MAZE You

Someone secretly worked on this for 7 years. No one knew till now...and its baffling everyone. And its even crazier than the Maze Runner.

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Over 30 years ago, a man spent 7 years hand-drawing the most complex, unbelievable and probably unsolvable maze ever seen. His daughter posted the photos back in 2013 of it to Twitter and, needless to say, the entire Internet is exploding with questions even to this day.

The Huffington Post / Via

This maze is on a sheet of A1 paper that measures approximately 35 inches by 23.3 inches. The daughter mentioned via Twitter that she has 50 copies of the maze, but wasn’t sure how they were printed, but thought they were done using printing tech that isn’t really used today. And apparently there is another maze too.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @kya7y

Nope. It was twitter user Kya7y's dad, who was a janitor at a university in Japan...who created this mind blowing artwork...

...30 years ago.

Kya7y tweeted: “Won’t somebody make it to the goal?”

To which she later tweeted: “Oh, right!”, “I forgot something very important: it’s not possible to reach the goal.” “I’m not really sure,” she added, “but for the time being, my dad, who created this, hasn’t even reached the goal.”

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